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Peter Navarro on Fox: Phase One of the U.S.-China trade deal

What does President Trump’s phase one trade deal with China mean for the average American? | Fox Business Video

White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on phase one of the U.S.-China trade deal.

October 13, 2019 – Fox and Friends

The United States and China still have some work to do before finalizing their “phase one” trade deal.

Beijing wants to send Vice Premier Liu He, China’s top trade negotiator, to Washington as soon as the end of October to finalize a deal that can be signed next month at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation conference next month in Chile.

“While the negotiations do appear to have produced a fundamental understanding on the key issues and the broader benefits of friendly relations, the Champagne should probably be kept on ice, at least until the two presidents put pen to paper,” wrote the state-owned China Daily.