Dear Friend:

On June 3, 2020, five armed FBI agents swooped down on me at Reagan National Airport as I was about to board a flight to Nashville and an interview with Mike Huckabee.

I was denied the opportunity to call an attorney, quickly handcuffed, jammed into the back seat of a government car, sent first to the FBI for a mug shot and fingerprinting, and then to a Washington, DC jail.

At the DC jail, I was first spread-eagled and stripped searched and then put in a set of leg irons.  A prison guard then led me to solitary confinement and placed in same cell in which John Hinckley once sat after shooting President Reagan.

As you may know, last year I finished serving four years as a top White House advisor to President Trump.  Formally, I was the Assistant to the President for Trade and Manufacturing Policy.

During my service, I helped President Trump create hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs and save millions of lives.  I have no criminal record. I have never committed a violent act. I have always a law-abiding citizen just like you.

Why did I receive such brutal treatment — a treatment received frankly by murderers, terrorists and assassins like Hinckley?

My “crime” was simply to have stood up for Constitutional principles.

I stood up for my duty to my country and to my former commander in chief Donald J. Trump.

The issue here is not me, Peter Navarro.

The issue is whether the so-called January 6 Committee — a Kangaroo Democratic Committee empaneled by Nancy Pelosi without support of the Minority House Republicans – can illegally weaponize the investigatory powers of the U.S. Congress.

Last February I received a subpoena from this unduly authorized, illegal, and highly partisan committee.  I made it clear from the outset that I was honor-and duty-bound not to comply with that subpoena because President Trump had invoked “Executive Privilege.”  By law, President Trump’s executive privilege is not mine to waive.

In my repeated communications, I directed the Jan. 6. Committee to go directly to President Trump and his attorneys and negotiate a possible waiver of the privilege.  If President Trump had negotiated such a waiver, I further indicated that I would have complied with the subpoena.

Instead of following the law in this matter – or even bothering to go to court to have a federal judge weigh in on the matter – the Jan. 6 Committee voted to hold me in contempt of Congress.

They shared the contempt charge with the Department of Justice. And the DOJ, which has never acted in such a manner in the entire history of our Republic, targeted me for a brutal arrest and show trial prosecution.

If found guilty, I now face up to two years in prison and several hundred thousand dollars in fines.

You’ve seen me many times on Newsmax, Fox News and other networks.

During the Trump administration, I served as one of the president’s closest advisers on trade and fighting Communist China.

I helped President Trump as he saved and created hundreds of thousands of private sector jobs that were to be outsourced under previous policies.

During the pandemic as the Defense Production Act Policy Coordinator, I worked with President Trump as he literally saved hundreds of thousands if not millions of American lives.

Make no mistake about it, the very same Pelosi-created Jan. 6 Committee that jailed me has a much bigger target.

That Kangaroo Committee of seven Democrat partisans who first pushed a now discredited Russia Collusion Hoax wants nothing more nor less than to put Donald Trump himself in prison — even as the Biden economy is collapsing before our eyes.

They are so afraid of President Trump returning to the White House, they will do anything to stop him

I am just one of the people standing in their way!

You should know my case is unprecedented.
In the history of our nation, no senior White House official has ever been arrested on a contempt of Congress charge, put in leg irons, and pushed into a prison cell.
No one!
From the outset, I have made it clear this fight is not just about my freedom.

This fight is also about fighting against the illegal weaponization of Congress’ investigatory powers.

It is about stopping the political weaponization of the FBI.

It is about protecting you and your family and all the freedoms we hold dear.

If Pelosi, Biden and their cronies can get away with this, they will be able imprison and destroy anyone!

You know me as a fighter and a man of principle.

President Trump has described me as “a smart guy and a good guy” who has “done a wonderful job.”

Today, I am in the fight of my life and urgently need your help.

So please consider giving to my legal defense fund at

Please donate $25, $50, or $100 or more and help me raise the estimated one million dollars or more in legal fees he is likely to incur to stay out of prison.

With YOUR help, I will take this fight all the way up to the Supreme Court.

The high Court is duty-bound to settle the law on the Constitutional issues raised in my case.

My ultimate mission is to get these critical legal controversies settled in a way that will put an abrupt end to the Democrat’s tyranny and preserve the sanctity of Executive Privilege.

So please give whatever you can afford to my legal defense fund today.

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So please give to my legal defense fund today.

If they can come for me and Donald Trump, they can come for all of us!


Peter Navarro

​​​​​​​P.S. My lawyers assure me we a have an extremely strong case. We need to fight back against this abuse of power. Please help me do it, go here now: