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Stew Peters Show: “Strap Fauci in a Chair, Make Him Confess His Crimes”

The Republican Party had a good night in Virginia last night. It’s too early to say whether Glenn Youngkin will be a good governor, or if he’ll be another RINO who gets elected with big promises and then doesn’t deliver. Still, the election itself matters. It means we won’t be stuck with four more years of Terry McAuliffe as governor. It means McAuliffe won’t deliver his platform of unlimited critical race theory.

And it means a lot about vaccine mandates. Glenn Youngkin says he won’t require state workers to submit to the vaccine. McAuliffe wanted to force every teacher in the state to be vaxxed and wear a mask every day, or they would lose their jobs. McAuliffe wanted to force every child in every public school to wear a mask, every day.

McAuliffe promised to ban all so-called “assault weapons,” while reducing criminal penalties, hiring more public defenders, and letting even more criminal trash out of prison.

McAuliffe closed his campaign by saying he wanted a racial purge of the state’s teachers. Too many white people, he said. Unacceptable. Get rid of the whites.

So, for the time being, Virginians will be safe from that, at least.