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I'm a business professor at the University of California-Irvine and the director of Death By China, one of the most popular documentaries today on Netflix.  Visit any one of these websites relevant to explore my work:
: For stock market investors and corporate executives interested in following the latest macroeconomic news.  "Follow" this page for insights into the latest direction of the economy and financial markets.  (This page replaces my old weekly newsletter ) Take one of my courses in macroeconomics, microeconomics, or personal finance and discover the joys and profitibility of online learnings.  It's all free! Visit the website of my award-winning documentary for special features and DVD purchases.   Click here if you are a Netflix subscriber and want to stream the film! Join the community of citizens worldwide that regularly contribute by "liking" this page and get the latest on how China is stealing our jobs, polluting our environment, poisoning us with bad products, and building up a war machine with their "WalMart dollars." Book me as your keynote speaker.  Topics include: Forecasting the U.S. and global economies, geopolitical analysis of world events as they pertain to money management and corporate strategy, all things China. 

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