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Over the past decade, I've been a keynote speaker, featured speaker, or roundtable facilitator at hundreds of events.  Clients have included Institutional Investor, John Hancock, Marriott, McKenzie Financial, Tramontina, Assante Wealth Management, Cobank, NRECA, the Steel Manufacturer's Association, the Metal Services Center Institute, the National Human Resources Association, International Housewares Association, Emory & Henry University, the Lima Chamber of Commerce, and the FBI. 

The four major speech topics offered include:

Topic #1. Forecasting the U.S. and global economy

This forecast can be tailored to either investors or business executives.  For investors, it includes a discussion of appropriate money management strategies over the course of the stock market cycle. For business executive audiences, my forecast similarly includes a discussion of appropriate business strategies over the course of the business cycle. 

For both investors and business executives, the most important part of my speech is to teach them to become their own economic forecasters. This approach is presented in my book "Always a Winner”.  For groups seeking a strong educational component for their audience, this “teach you how to forecast” aspect of the speech is always a big hit.  

 Topic #2. Geopolitical Analysis of the World Economy

Let me take your money managers or corporate executives to any corner of the world to see how unfolding events will affect your investment opportunities or business model.  From Africa to Asias and from Europe to Latin America, find out how current events will affect everything from oil prices to investment opportunies.   When it comes to geopolitics and your investments, the best surprise is no surprise. 

 Topic #3. Strategically Meeting the China Challenge 

 The foundation for this speech is my analysis of U.S.-China relations in my book and filCrouching Tiger.  In those works, I describe how the emergence of China is sparking a tremendous competition globally for markets, natural resources, and political and military influence. For corporate audiences, I explain how to conduct a proper risk assessment when considering offshoring production facilities to China.  For companies facing stiff Chinese competition, I also offer a suite of strategies to combat China's "weapons of mass production." 

 Topic #4. What the Best MBAs Know

 This presentation is based on my book "What the Best MBAs Know"; it is an executive-level overview of the MBA "toolbox."   This presentation is best conducted in a workshop format with the goal of providing executives and middle managers with a working overview of how the key concepts and tools offered in business schools may be profitably applied in their own corporate environment.  The presentation is specifically tailored to the particular industry that I'm working with.

More broadly, I work hard to tailor my remarks to the particular group I'm addressing rather than simply giving a "canned speech."   I generally limit my engagements to one or two a month so please contact me as early as you can in your planning process.  I can be reached at pn@peternavarro.com 
Thanks and I look forward to speaking to your group. 


Peter Navarro 

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